One of the popular methods of learning, reading stories and listening to them.

Stories are often found on social media sites and are very popular, especially those short stories that carry a nice and beautiful moral. Students will also love to listen to stories in class.

As a teacher, you can use the story style in teaching, especially at the beginning of the lesson; the introduction will be beautiful and attractive to students and will make them more interested in the subject.

The more a teacher is a good storyteller, and can perform roles and reincarnate characters well, the more he affects his students, and draw their attention to him and their passion for the lesson.

The teacher can increase the interaction and enthusiasm of students when using different tones of voice, and uses facial expressions, which explain and express the situation, and movements and sounds, capture the attention of the student.

The teacher does not tell the story to entertain students, but to teach them something through the story, and makes the lesson more fun and wonderful and may ask them about the characters and their role in the story, and link them to the subject of the lesson.