Our Mission

To contribute to the renaissance of educational institutions in Jordan and the Arab world through a variety of development services aimed at those working in the field of education, taking into account the limited potential of the institutions and individuals in this sector.

Our Vision

SmartED seeks to be an accredited institution for various educational institutions in Jordan and the region to qualify, develop and adapt teaching and supervisory staff in accordance with internationally recognized educational standards.

Our Values . . We believe in

Success and Development


We strive for Excellence in Education through high standards of work ethics, teamwork and professional and personal growth.




We share respect with every stockholder in community and we value diverse perspective.


Creativity and Innovation


We are committed to creativity and innovation in all our services like designing curricula, preparing training bags and educational resources for educational institutions.


Partnership and Cooperation


Being responsible citizens in our community, we believe that Education is for everyone. Hence, we work cooperatively to empower learners through programmes and activities from national and international organisations to support and improve professional development.


Raising the Standards


We respect and appreciate others’ experiences but we compete with ourselves.